Hello Everyone,

October 2015

I love October, not just because it is my birthday month but because the air changes, the season changes, the time changes.

It is when we must embrace the fact that the time change will have us seeing the dark sooner. A time when the trees begin to let loose the leaves, orange, brown and yellow leaves flying about.

It is the time when the ghouls and horrors are seen in decorations, shows, movies and parties.

It is the time when we say farewell to the summer heat, smile toward the cooler weather and wonder of the winter to come.

Happy October! May there be light within you to shine upon the earlier darker hours. May the ghouls and gremlins that ring the door bell make you smile and partake in trick or treat.

May you embrace the change in season knowing... it will bring us back to Spring soon enough.

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Oh hell NO! I have orange hair??? Finding the right Salon!

From the moment this place received a new owner, the atmosphere changed and magic began.  I had been using box color for my hair for about 5 years, always the same dark brown.  Finding a salon that can handle my hair and finickiness is quite difficult.  So I opted to do it myself... I mean... what could go wrong? Right?
One day I had the misfortune of losing an eye contact.  I have poor vision, ok I'm pretty much without vision.  I lost the contact in mid shopping and did not want to stop, go home for a replacement and return.  So I continued on with one eye seeing well and the other wandering about.  I spent some time like a one eyed parrot looking at the hair color aisle to make sure I had the right color and I finally found it.  However, I noticed the box was in bad shape, so I grabbed the one behind it instead.  Mother of assumption and all.......

I get home and begin to color the roots.  Once I washed my hair I noticed a brassy color but didn't panic... until I dried it.  The darn thing looked like clown orange when the light hit it and like a cheap brass pint mug in normal lighting.

My hunt for a salon began.  The price for color correction made me weep, the lack of enthusiasm shown by some stylists to fix my hair was worse.

I walk along Main Avenue in Clifton, NJ and come across Extatic Salon.  I had been there a couple of years before and was not impressed with the barely cut trim.  I noticed the sign 'under new management' so I went in to stalk about.

I loved the atmosphere, more so, I loved the transformations I was watching.  Women walking in looking one way and leaving looking FABULOUS and quite different.  I figured what the heck!  They can't do any worse then what I did.

It was decided between Liz and Lupita (they work great together) that it would be best to let my hair rest from color for a few days.

I wanted a cut anyway.  I usually have my hair in a ponytail most days of the week.  My hair was so long I didn't have the time or energy to deal with it.  I chose a style that would take several inches off.  I completely appreciated that they took the time to make sure I really wanted to go with so much of a cut.  It would still be shoulder length, but knowing they were concerned meant a lot.

Even with the orange.... I LOVED THE HAIR STYLE.  If you want to see the before and after, you will have to visit their Facebook page, I will post the link below.  Actually they have quite a few before and after from their clients.

Color correction day was upon us.  There was no stripping of color, actually I am not sure what they did, it took some layers of coloring.  But the time and patience was well placed.  I opted for a more chocolate color rather than the drab dark brown.  It's a beautiful chocolate glaze color, I"m telling you check out their link.

I didn't walk out of there, I swan glided out.  Ever since then I have felt wonderful.  The flattery received is still ongoing.

I make sure to call in for an appointment in advance for touch ups.  NO MORE BOX COLOR FOR ME!!!

I always kid and tell the owner that the salon is named wrong... it should have been called Transformations because this customer has truly been transformed.

You don't just get service, you get guidance, laughter and a new you.  All for a great price too.

I highly recommend this salon.  A customer drove in from New York and said it took her 30 minutes, so if you want great hair, great service at a great price and are located in the tri-state area, it is worth the trip.  If you are in NJ and close to Clifton, you have no excuse, you can be 'transformed' and leave 'Extatic' with just a walk-in or a call to make an appointment.  Check out their link below for complete list of services.

11/11/2013 ~g

Extatic Salon http://www.extaticsalonandspa.com/home.htm

Facebook page for Extatic Salonhttps://www.facebook.com/Extatic.Salon


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