Hello Everyone,

October 2015

I love October, not just because it is my birthday month but because the air changes, the season changes, the time changes.

It is when we must embrace the fact that the time change will have us seeing the dark sooner. A time when the trees begin to let loose the leaves, orange, brown and yellow leaves flying about.

It is the time when the ghouls and horrors are seen in decorations, shows, movies and parties.

It is the time when we say farewell to the summer heat, smile toward the cooler weather and wonder of the winter to come.

Happy October! May there be light within you to shine upon the earlier darker hours. May the ghouls and gremlins that ring the door bell make you smile and partake in trick or treat.

May you embrace the change in season knowing... it will bring us back to Spring soon enough.

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December 25, 2011

Inspiration me...the bright side

It usually shocks those that think they know me, but...I give inspirational classes. Teaching people that through the worst of times, keeping oneself positive will help to overcome the obstacles. The teacher is also the perpectual student. My nephew Stewie (his real name is Daniel, I dubbed him Stewie cause he reminds me of the baby in Family Guy)is 6 years old and walks on his tippy toes. After misdiagnosis this Wednesday it was finally stated that he has mild cerebral palsy, he is also Dyslexic. To realize what is in store for him was/is heart breaking. The inspiration that kept me from weeping is his constant smile. The innocence he still carries and the love in his voice whe he says 'I love you Titi' I went to work Thursday after a grueling commute, holiday shoppers and tourists the ruthless day walkers as I call them, blocking every step of the way. People usually follow the 11th hour rule to ask for things. In the middle of it all I get a text from my sister, she is at work in pain and with upset stomach. The pain part got me, this is the sister that follows life like Zena the warrior princess. If she is 'saying' that she is in pain then she must be on the brink of passing out. I convince her to go to the ER instead of waiting for the Dr. Appt that was hours away. 12 hours later during which time it took me over 3 to get to Jersey, go home and get the car then go to her house and walk Whiskey (her dog), then get to the hospital where sis was still in ER. That was only the beginning. Long story short, days later sis is finally doing better, they may let her out soon. The dog is finally sleeping although still sad, I finally got some sleep...Christmas eve passed in a blur. The inspiration that got me through..... Upstate. The thought that soon...don't known when but soon I will be at the mountains, resting, Serenity and Tranquility (Tia and Tio), quiet and hopefully a warm fire place...those thoughts kept me sane. I really had no plans for Christmas, since Dad's death this family died with him. My biggest plan was to just rest and head to upstate Christmas day. Inspiration may be delayed but it will arrive. I learned a few things If you expect nothing you really don't get disappointed I'm not the only one that is left at a hospital even with a large family A pet knows when you're in trouble All dogs should be trained to get along with people and other dogs You don't really miss Christmas dinner, KFC will do just fine People will think of themselves even during a holiday that teaches the opposite It is a miracle more people don't die waiting in the ER It is possible to spill an entire cup of hot coffee on yourself when standing still Xanax won't work whe you are really overly stressed People you trust will betray you and so will their offsprings You can reach the point of no return with others and not lose your compassion in humanity, just your faith in them is lost When all else fails, my mantra gets me through.... Life is not hard...people make it so. Happy Birthday Jesus, at least through it all, I remember what today is about. The birth of hope, faith and forgiveness, from one who taught it by practicing it.

December 19, 2011

AndMore....Recipe for a Perfect Christmas

I have several Christmas movies I love, one in particular is Recipe for a Perfect Christmas*.  An admin assist for a magazine is given a trial run as a Food Critic, JJ has her hands full.

Her mother Leigh arrives un-expectantly into town.  A mother that previously preferred traveling about to sticking around, but is now in need of family.  You can't run from loneliness.

Alex, the restaurant owner that can't seem to cut a break.  The building owner is evicting him without giving him the chance to let the business grow.

He needs a Food Critic to advertise his restaurant, JJ needs to come up with THE food article to keep her promotion and her mother needs JJ.

Extraordinary story but similar emotions, I definitely can relate to this story on some level.

Trying to keep family together is at most exhausting and futile.  Trying to keep a positive attitude when the chips are down is....depressing.  Trying to put it all together is just a hope and a prayer.

JJ in the end, uses all her connections to get Food critics, magazine editors and customers to Alex's restaurant, on the eve of both Christmas and his eviction notice.  Her mother finally grows up and acts her age; she also helps out in saving the restaurant and her daughters love life.

Wouldn't it be great to make a few calls, friends and co-workers drop everything to save a business, a heart and a family?  Can it really only happen on the LMN channel?  I don't think so.  I have the most fantastical mind and it tells me anything is possible.

I believe that the right compassionate people in ones life can make any miracle a reality.  Her Recipe for a Perfect Christmas was to believe in others and not just herself.  My recipe?  It's to believe that there are people out there that can think about others.  That can say...to hell with my plans, someone needs me.  That can participate in helping another even if it meant nothing at all in return, but that glimmer of hope.

If my circle of friends were to be tested...I would say 3 out of many would be that Perfect Recipe.  That's not a lot of people, but imagine...if each knew 3 that knew 3 that knew 3 and so on; imagine the miracle that could be created.

A family - unknown could have Christmas, a failing restaurant would be full, a home would have a buffet of food, a can could be filled with singles and coins and in turn give someone a coat on a cold night.  Perhaps this fantastical mind can even picture that all would come true with that same band of 3 friends times 3 times and so on.

Now wouldn't that be the LMN movie of the year let alone of Christmas????

If you got that call...from a friend that needed help, would you think of 3 to call and make it happen?  Or is it the norm to just say...I can't, I'm busy, I'm broke, I have my own problems???  I hope not.  I hope you are the friend that starts the miracle wheel.

May my recipe for a Perfect Christmas be your reality of a Christmas should you find yourself in need of it.

*A Recipe for a Perfect Christmas - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480844/

December 08, 2011

AndMore...PATH to nowhere

It's a bitter cold morning.  I struggled to get up having been awakened at 4am by noise.  By the time I fell back to sleep that damn alarm clock was going off.  The radiators are supposedly broken so it was a freezing morning in the bathroom.  I bought a power strip to plug a small heater and the power strip doesn't work.

I suck it in and brace myself.  I leave and remember that the car is parked on a street that is cleaned this morning.  I find parking and start my 10 block walk to the PATH.  I get there and can't even get to where you enter the station and go up the stairs.  People everywhere. PATH is suspended, no power.

A slew of cops arrive to announce that the PATH may be closed for hours, to take a bus to Journal Square if you need to get to NY.  People ask where the bus is.  There is only one and it is delayed due to over capacity.  UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!!!!  I wait for an hour or so then go home.  Might as well work from home and try again later.

As I begin the 10 block walk back home I am alerting those I see that the PATH is closed.  After a few got verbally hostile I decided FUCK IT, let them find out the way I did.

I get home and only think of one thing - BATHROOM.  But the roommate is in there and normally takes about 2 hours.  I go back outside a few houses to a neighbor and use theirs.  I seriously miss having my own place.  I go back home and make myself a cup of coffee.  After a few work emails I decide to trek back to the PATH.

It's even colder out.  I am tired and on my 10 block walk back thinking 'WHY THE FUCK AM I NOT A SIZE ZERO WITH ALL THIS WALKING????'

I get to the PATH and it's packed, the trains are running but still catching up to loading all the people.  I finally board a train and am lucky to find a seat.  The man next to me decides to chat or actually BITCH. 'I had to walk 6 blocks to the train, stand for 2 hours and I'm late.'  He continued with the damages of MTA and PATH decisions.  After a while he noticed I only looked at him and said nothing he said 'I must be boring you'.  I said 'Not at all, I am just wondering why you would think complaining to any other commuter would be helpful.  I walked 30 blocks, stood for over an hour, when I get to NY I have another 10 blocks to walk and arrive to work HOURS late.  I seriously couldn't care less what other people feel about the hell of commuting'.  He got up and stood by the door.  It's getting harder to make friends.

I get to NY and board the NY train, a homeless person is begging for money because he is hungry.  He is slurring his way through the prepared speech.  I think to myself....I should have started my day with a drink or two.

I get to my stop and bundle up for the 10 block walk to work, feeling  more tired with each step. 'What is it all for'?  I kept asking myself all the way.  I sit and write this the whole time thinking...I could swim across the fucking river faster.

I have the rest of the day ahead of me and about 10% energy, this should prove interesting.

December 01, 2011

AndMore...some more friggin holiday cheer

You better watch out...
It doesn't matter if NJT or MTA have alerts, tweets or email.  You will find out there is a delay when you stand on a platform where no train arrives or find yourself in a tunnel on a stopped train for a long time.  Such was the case on the 30th.  The morning began with taking the PATH for one stop...then nothing.  PAUSE

PAUSE REASON - My trip for those that do not know.... 10 block walk to PATH train, one train to one stop and board another, several stops later get off walk 2 blocks to MTA, take train several stops later get off and walk another 10 blocks

END OF PAUSE, there it ended for a while.

The platform is quite narrow and once filled you are left with either staying on the escalator, if you are coming from the outside or diving off the platform.  People are more aggressive and there is no train in sight.  The costly monitors lie and say next scheduled train will arrive at xyz time (which passed) at track #xyz which is usually wrong.  When that happens those that think they are first in the train because they are at the edge of the platform, are now at the end of the crowd when the train actually arrives on the opposite track.

You better not cry...
It's just hell when finally a train arrives and you are at the end, nooooo where near to boarding and watch that train and the following get packed without you in it.  You finally get to the platform and are pushed, shoved and stampeded so that the ignorant, no class, uneducated bastards and bitches in the back get a seat.

Better not pout...
Ahhhhh.....finally the train is moving....3 minutes in and the dispatcher starts an announcement. 'This train will be making one and final stop..' (WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!  ONE??? It goes to NY and makes several stops. WTF???)  I start pouting and realize as I look around I am not the only one.
'Due to a medical emergency we will stop at Hoboken and all must get off the train. You can get another train at the Hoboken station....'  (NO YOU FUCKING CAN'T, THIS TRAIN DOESN'T EVEN NORMALLY STOP AT HOBOKEN) 'and catch another PATH to 33rd, WTC or Journal Square (back to the beginning)'.

I'm telling you why...
You get to the Hoboken station and that platform is full, so when they open the train doors only half the passengers can get off.  The conductor is rushing out others (WHAT? WE SHOULD CLIMB ON TOP OF OTHERS AND DRY HUMP THEM WHILE WE WAIT????) without a care that there is no room.  Another 3 full trains later, I get to NY.  MTA is backed up. Of course it is.  It is tree lighting day - WTF do they do this on a weekday???? And the President is coming to town.  Why do we pay for that White House???  I wait for like EVER and take the R train, get off at my stop and walk the 10 blocks to work.  LATE!!!

Santa Claus is coming to town.
If only!!! Then I would kick his fat ass off the sleigh and make those reindeer's get me to work on time!

November 28, 2011

AndMore...The hunt for a key, Cujo kitty, the Firemen are coming

Initially Thanksgiving started pretty bad or at least the day before.  I went home with a migraine and just about given up with humanity.

In the late evening I went outside with a cup of coffee and a cigarette.  Time to relax and try to think of nothing and no one.

A beautiful little kitten was about 10 feet away.  The sweetest little purr could be heard.  He would wind about rubbing along the edge of the concrete stair from the house next door.  Clearly showing his discontent about the lack of affection.  I spent several minutes puckering up making the kiss kiss sound, a few hushed pssssssst while extending my hand.  He just teased taking a step then stopping, giving that slight sweet purr.  Eventually he came right up to me, I was sitting on the concrete stoop, extending my hand further so he could take a friendly whiff............when...........FUCKING CUJO came out of that kitten.  HISSING and SNARLING, swatting with extended CLAWS.  WHAT THE FUCK??????

I'm not ashamed to admit I picked up my cup and ran up the stairs, slamming the hallway door shut while out of breath.  The FUCKING MANIAC CAT was still out there HISSING.  BASTARD!!!

The next day was calm enough for a Thanksgiving, I treated myself to a matinee - TWILIGHT!!! Now that just perked me for the day.

FRIDAY - I visited my sister and in the evening she packed some food for me to take home.  I put the food in the car along with my purse and turned on the car to warm it up a bit.  I went back for a piece of cake that I forgot on the counter.  I walked to the car only to find I had locked it...with the car on...and all my things in it.  PAUSE...

PAUSE REASON - I have a Chevy Aveo, my recommendation to anyone is to NEVER get a Chevy Aveo.  The parts are from Mars.  It took 9 months to get a mirror to replace the cracked one (damn hooker) from the driver side.  NO ONE had the mirror, maybe the model from the  year before or after but not the 2009.  Well...try getting a fucking spare key for that car.  The car has an automatic transmission, anything else automatic stops there.  The key is not electronic, nor does it have any chip.  It is just a key.  Apparently locksmiths, Lowe's, Walmart and a ton of other places do not have the blank key to make a spare.  The dealer wants $125...for a key....for a FUCKING key.  END OF PAUSE

I panic, I have no spare, low gas and no way to get in.  I haven't renewed the AAA (was waiting on the new year, thank you recession).  I was seriously contemplating breaking a back window and asked my sister 'how much do you think that will cost?'  It's Black Friday and no 24 hour service available in the area.  I call a friend, for some reason he always has an answer and if not he has a way of calming my madness.  He said to call the police but not to dial 911.  PAUSE

PAUSE REASON - POLICE?????  Anyone who has read my writings for the past few years know I have a bad history with police.  Not that I am a criminal but I just don't have the best luck with interacting with them.  But... I need to get in my car.  END OF PAUSE

I suck in my cowardice at calling, straighten my back and I hand my sister her phone back (mine is in the locked car) and ask her to call (grins).  The police transfer her to the Fire Department as they are equipped to get into cars.

A few minutes later we hear the rumblings of a truck.  My sister says in a hushed voice 'oh shit, they are coming with the large fire truck.'  I say 'For my little car?'  Coming down the quiet, dark street is a rather large fire truck...loudly coming closer.

FIVE fire men get out of the truck and open all kinds of doors and panels.  One of them Le Captain I presume, walks over hands in pockets. "Oh, AND the car is on.' To which I replied....'well I wanted to warm up the car, it's really warm now, can you open it?' (See why it's not a good idea for me to call the cops?)

They come close to the car with a red slim bag about 4 feet long.  I think to myself...well if they are going to crack the glass, I could have done that myself.  Four of them surround the car, the fifth went back to the truck.  The project begins, one slides apart the rubber foam from the window while the other removed a long wiry thing with a loop at the bottom.  I notice they are trying to get the loop around the inside door handle.  The knob on the button has no way to grab hold of it, it is just a straight up knob, so they go for the inner door handle.

'Are you trying to pull the door handle?'  They look at me as if I were a DUMBASS, the Captain who is closest to me says 'Yes, we 'are' trying to open the door for you'.

'Oh, well, the car is manual, pulling on that won't open the door.  The only thing automatic about the car is the driver.'....................................took several seconds, then they grinned.  One of them then declared it impossible to open the car.  The one with the wiry hook wouldn't give up.  FINALLY, the door is opened and I am jumping up and down happy.

'Mam, I will need your name for our report.'

'Well, will you be posting to YouTube, if so then I will give you her name (pointing to my sister)'.  He grins and says 'No, it won't be on YouTube.'  I tell him my name...well the short version.  As he is walking away he turns and grins 'You can start checking Youtube tomorrow'.  I stopped grinning back.

I drove home the whole while thinking....I have to get a FUCKING spare key for this car!!!!!!

November 23, 2011

Despicable they...May there be gratitude

I know, I know... it's the day before Thanksgiving, but perhaps this list will remind some to be grateful if nothing else than for not being one of them.  We'll do it in categories

Personal group
I'm here for you

You know this type, they say it because it sounds nice, but if they do mean it and they rarely do, there's a motive.  The price will be somewhere along your morals or sanity.

I'm your friend (always stated after they did something wrong to you) - see pic above
This type doesn't know how to be a friend, probably doesn't know what it means.  They just want you to think you mistook their obvious malice for.....obvious malice.

I understand...I know exactly what you mean

This person did not hear a thing you said.  They heard words here and there and decided it was time to make it about themselves.  Because being an eternal victim is the best job they ever had.

(The one that goes missing for weeks on end, then shows up like they say you an hour ago)

This person just wants something...cash, sex, to borrow something or to have a few moments of feeling good about themselves.  That moment they showed up has nothing to do with you.

I don't have a drinking problem

These people have empty bottles all over the place.  They deny having an issue while wobbling to their car.  They usually laugh at those that care on Facebook because they don't have a drinking problem, everyone is just crazy.  They also scam, lie, cheat their way through life thinking everyone owes them something.  Greatest backstabbers you will ever meet.  They also live the life of eternal victims.

The strangers group

They run into the train, pummeling all in their way because yet again they are running late, they hold the train doors open which causes more delays.  They then smile the brightest 'I'm here' smile to everyone.  I would love to touch these people with a cattle prod.

The not so homeless

These are the ones that are dressed better then you with a prepared speech on how their lives are a mess, broke, hungry (usually weigh more then you) and are terribly hurt to have to bother and beg.  They even say they will take food but frown when someone actually gives them food.


The ones that took the mandatory Psych 101 class and feel they are the Counselor for everyone.  Usually think they are better then everyone including God as they rarely believe he exists.  They long for conversation but when they have one they feel the need to abruptly end it wanting to be alone with mock pride.  I would like to touch these people with  TWO cattle prods

The one that complains endlessly about their job, they are usually paid well and do nothing...but complain that is.


I don't give a rats ass what PETA person reads this but if I ever find the Pigeon lady that throws buckets of crumbs and I do mean BUCKETS along the streets, making those rats with wings attack anyone that is walking along that street, I am SHOVING THE CATTLE PROD UP HER ASS.

The dog walker that still gets bothered when people are smoking.  It's been 3 years GET OVER IT.


If I had to be grateful for something and I always am grateful for something, today it would be the fact that I am not any of the above.  I would just cattle prod myself to death.

November 18, 2011

AndMore...Can I have a door?

About a month ago I had told my boss I wanted a door for my cube.  Tired of people just walking right on in while you are on the phone or in the middle of a thought for an email.  I was thinking of something like this:

The discussion was brief with my stating the door should have a slit for the extension of my desk, so it could open easily.

A month later.....Oh wait...there's a bit to add within that time frame.

Patient Zero

I developed a bit of a cold.  I went to the Dr. and was assured I can go back to work and just take some antibiotics for the sinus infection I also developed.  The next day (Tuesday) I went to work, by the afternoon I felt like death.  The cold worsened, the sinus worsened, I worsened.  I ended up taking the following two days off.

Can I have a WUSS WUSS

My co-workers like front line amateur soldiers began to fall.  One serious cold after another.  Blaming ME and dubbing me Patient Zero.  WUSSES all of THEM!

Personal stuff

Outside of work what could go wrong has gone wrong.  Name it and it has fallen apart.  I haven't the strength or the stomach to tackle any of it.

Commuting through the eighth circle of hell
3 trains and a total of 22 block walk each way doesn't have an improvement in sight.  Hostile commuters, delays, protesters, homeless.....oh wait....can't NOT share this one...

My child's last bottle of milk

On the R train a man with a stroller and a child about the age of 1 gets into the already packed train.  He begins to speak loudly "I apologize for the interruption, but this is my son and we are hungry.  I have not eaten in 20 hours and he is drinking his last bottle of milk".  People stood yelling "HERE, HERE" throwing cash, food and change when they couldn't reach him.  I missed my exit and had to stay on the train and re-route my way back.  I am not heartless, I just can't seem to release the vision of the $300 stroller, name brand diaper bag (with extra filled bottles) or his expensive wardrobe, than again who am I to judge.

back to eighth circle of hell...
This daily commute drains me.  In the morning I am drained by the time I get to the front gate at work.  At the end of the day I am drained and if I have an errand I must talk myself through the exhaustion and mantra myself to get the errand done without falling on my face.

This morning I get to work and this is what waits for me - my cube

Can't say my boss doesn't listen; he hand crafted this door from boxes, tape, print outs and effort.  The damn thing even has a slit and hinge effect.  Gotta love the effort.  The endless parading of co-workers and higher ups no less, making knocking sounds, using their devices to produce doorbell sounds (notice the doorbell on left) was priceless.

This is what does it for me.  Serenity!

This is what gets me through the eighth circle of hell commute, the hassles life throws me, the disappointments and horror people tend to impose and most of all...life.

Knowing that at the end of my morning trip I get to wonder what my boys are up to just perks me up.  The fact that I work in a place (lately) that no matter the horrors outside of the gate, humor is shared.... is PRICELESS.  I can forget my personal woes for a spell.  I can handle the stress the job brings, I can even forget for moments the commute knowing that Quarantine, Bloodboy, Waterford, Shrek (yes, I've named them) and the rest of the people at work have moments to spare to just give a laugh.  And in the most sadistic form provide a request for a door.

I don't know about you but I'll take the crazy door every single time.

Do you have a door waiting at the end of your eighth circle of hell?  Well...you can't have mine, get someone to build one for you!

November 07, 2011

AndMore...No greater enemy

There are times I truly believe there is no greater enemy to me then me.

Most of you have read the stories of accidental pain inflicted on myself.  For many years I was convinced my obituary would say 'died of accidental suicide'.

Well...let's get this over with

Scrappy nose
I have a terrible cold, the worst of it has passed but some of the congestion remains.  At one point for a few days I had the drips.  A constant flow to the nose that made me wonder why they haven't invented a tissue that you stuff up there and it continuously absorbs.  All the blowing of the nose left it scabby and/or peeling.

I went to upstate this weekend, a long overdue trip of just pure serene medicinal healing.  My uncle immediately noticed my nose and went into his McGyver mode.  He brought back an ointment, this thing is MAGIC.  I forgot the name but it sort of has the tingling of Vicks.  I put some on my nose and within hours the scaly effect was gone, a scab was healing.  MAGIC!  The next day my aunt and I were planning a small trip to a quaint town.  I mentioned how well the ointment worked and she suggested I put some more on.  I did.

It was time to get ready so I got my contacts (blind as a bat I am).  PAUSE

I have been wearing contacts for decades.  The rule of thumb is to always wash your hands.  But I had just taken a shower.  END OF PAUSE

I grab the contact for the right eye with my middle finger the way I always do, making sure to wet the finger well with the contact solution in the case.  I put the contact in and I felt a cool breeze in my eye...then...THE WORST FUCKING PAIN I EVER FELT.  FIRE!!! It felt as though a fire was lit on my eyeball.  The ointment on my hand!!!!  I tried to be silent and not let my aunt know what a Baboon I was.  I kept hearing the scream in my head FUCKING OW OW OW OW!!!!  SWEET JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH WHY DO YOU LEAVE ME ALONE WITH MYSELF????????

With a small voice I commented "I amaze myself sometimes'.  My aunt looked at me and saw the stress in my eyeball...the truth is out.  You would think that was the end of the story...but....

I washed my hands took out the contacts rinsed it and started again, got it right and the left one too.  Now for makeup.  I put some moisturizer on my hands and began to put it on my face, rubbing it all on...all...over...my...face......  THE WORST FUCKING PAIN WAS BACK!!!!  SWEET JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH the ointment on my nose is now all over my face and eyes.  FUCKING GREAT JUST FUCKING GREAT!!!!!  My aunt looks toward me to make sure all is ok, I gave the best smile I could muster and when she turned around I put my face in hands in utter disgust.

PLEASE...PLEASE...UNIVERSE!!! MAKE THE BURNING STOP!!!!!  It took some time but it did.  I put on a tad of mascara and left the rest to faith.  I brushed my hair the whole time thinking... WHY????

WHY??? I had just gotten over the razor pain!

Razor pain - note to self, don't shower without contacts on and attempt to shave.  I have cuts on legs and arm pits that would require several layers of neosporin after a strong dose of benadryl.  Come to think of it the mantra I had in the shower was similar 'OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS THAT WAS FLESH!!!!! FUCKING GREAT JUST GREAT!!!  And yet... I kept shaving.....

Who is my greatest enemy? Could it really be me?????

October 24, 2011

DISCUSS...What price can you put on learning to become a woman that men adore ... and never want to leave?

Apparently $47.00.

This article landed in my email.  Sometimes I think it's not by accident.  Some wiseass out there likes to get my Rican up.  Of course, I read it.  The extremely long sales pitch to buy the way into becoming a woman that men adore ... and never want to leave?

I'm not spending $47.00, that's for sure.  But my curiosity will make me research what the heck this book offers costing $47 as ebook.

Let me add the guarantee that comes across as hook, line and sinker - I understand that my order is covered by an iron-clad guarantee as follows: I can put the E-book to the test for a full eight weeks. I can try out the tips, tactics and strategies on for size. I agree to give it a fair try and if the E-book is not worth at least 10 times more than I paid for it -- or if it doesn't revolutionize my love life -- or if I'm not 100% satisfied with it for any reason, I'll receive a refund of my entire purchase price of $47.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Of course it made me think...ever the Watcher....

I don't want ONE man telling me, I mean people are just different, I want to hear it from different men...

WELL???? What do you adore?  What makes you not leave?

I can't speak for all women, but I know what makes me stay or leave:

Attention - just not the smothering kind
Knowing it's going somewhere

Lack of attention
Mistaking my daily life as a drama
Forgetting to be a friend
Feeling like a doormat

Check out the link to see what spurred this post:


October 23, 2011

Inspiration me...Footloose and close... Utopia

I went to see the remake of Footloose.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Although a bit modernized with music and moves the plot was mostly the same.

Makes one wonder...why aren't kids that close?  They stuck together to make not only a petition to dance (of all things) but to put together a prom and stand firm on proving all they wanted to do was dance.

Community...do we really have it?  I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child.  When my son was younger I did not raise just one boy, when his friends were over they were raised too.  Taught to respect culture, the rules of the house and how to play well with one another.  If a parent had to work late they didn't have to struggle to find someone to take their child to daycare or the next location or even home after practice. We took turns, well actually in the neighborhood we were in, I started it and it just caught on.  A favor for a favor, we watched each others child.  One parent was never in the dark about their kid.

We moved around a bit and it was noticeable that some neighborhoods or some parents just weren't interested.  I remember 3 boys in particular, brothers.  They worked as a team to steal from people.  One would distract the kid, the other an adult and the third would pack up their book bag, pants and jacket.  When caught cops were called.  When I caught them, I made them sit...wait for their father to arrive and they received a lecture, some food, attention and than were ratted out.  Unfortunately, the mother suffered an illness and could not care for them well, the father worked two jobs so the kids raised themselves for the most part.  EVERYONE knew this, it was the schoolyard gossip, but no one did anything.  They were at my home several more times and no, no stealing.  Just hungry little guys that ate, laughed and watched TV.  They grew up to be social misfits, I often think of them and shudder at the lack of interest they were given by their 'community'.

I walk a lot through my commute and see kids these days, especially in the town I live in.  They walk around causing mischief, you hear the neighbors whisper the gossip when they pass but no one stops and talks to them.  I often sit outside to drink coffee and talk to some of the kids, it is amazing how well they speak when given attention.  Their laughter is just medicine for me.  One in particular said 'why bother being nice, they think we are trouble anyway'.  I didn't say so out loud, but I understood their point in a way.  I'm an adult and find it hard to get a conversation with people here and also see them struggle with one another.  What a shame!

Years ago in Puerto Rico during the holidays it didn't matter who had money, the best house or food.  In a village/small town it was agreed that starting around Thanksgiving on the weekends a continuous celebration followed:

Those that played instruments, gathered
Those that could cook would
Those that could afford a trinket for kids wrapped them

Each weekend someone would open their doors to the instant band, catering (potluck) and gift giving.  Much merriment was had but also a community bonded.  They knew one another, each others kids and grandchildren.  Throughout the year the kids walked to school together, parents chatted on the porch, greeted each other all anxious for that season to come on by.

I'm not saying we should have a block party every weekend, I am saying we should know one another, keep an eye on each other's kids and property (I believe they call it neighborhood watch) but most importantly we should be kind to one another.  Would that be a real Utopia?

October 22, 2011

AndMore...Memory Foam bed disaster

I waited months.  Months to accumulate points, coupons and discounts.  No! Not for a flight, for the memory foam bed.  It's pretty close a months rent.

I finally order it and it will take 3 weeks to deliver.  It's not coming from a small underground factory in some remote region of the world.  Nope, its coming from US to US.  I wait.............(nails tapping).

It took TWO weeks, YAY!  I had it shipped elsewhere and got the call 'Your boxes came in and one looks large enough to hold a compressed memory foam bed'.

My son had borrowed my car as he is still looking for a job to hold him over until his deployment (who am I kidding...he also uses it to hang out, leaving me in an apartment where at one point re-flooring and painting was on the roommates mind...1/8 into the project the place looks like it was ransacked. (Well maybe not as bad as the pic above but darn close!)  The young!  They have no schedule in life.)  I stray.....

My son arrives with a friend and brings up the boxes, I have to take them home so I tell him 'Since the car is blocking a garage go downstairs, I just want to open the memory foam.  Online instructions said it could take up to 48 hours to decompress'.  He went off to stand guard of the car.

I open the box and see a rolled up item in a brown plastic bag.  'Good grief that is sucked in tight.'  I thought...out loud...to no one in particular.  Taking the brown plastic off the mattress was then secured in what I can best describe as Saran Wrap.  I unroll the wrap and the mattress balls back up.  'Damn, that thing is going to take at least a week to decompress. Up to 48 hours my ass."  If there are ghosts living in this apartment they sure get a chuckle out of me.

I unroll it again putting weight on the end and unfold it as it is in half lengthwise.  The 3 inch thickness is about an inch.  'Oh well, I will just have to let stand in a corner and wait.  Gotta go take the kids home.'

Next think I know I am flat on my back on the floor, my head having hit the door and the now mostly decompressed mattress on me.  No Swoosh sound, no indication whatsoever it would just pop like that.  I get up...I try to get up but my head hurts, my bum hurts, my back which was terrible beforehand is now in such pain.  I stand upright and decide to fake it.  As I go down the flight of stairs to go outside I could feel each pain of each step.  I take the boys to their hangout, stop at my sisters to drop off a dehumidifier that I am afraid will get ruined with the 10 minute a month repair project roommate (hey, $200 is a lot of money to waste), as she talks about plans for the weekend I don't hear much as my body is louder.....

'Are you F'ing nuts! Go home and chew on some Advil!' says the brain.
'If you thought the pain before was bad, how does THIS feel', says the back
'Well...after all the years of people saying you're a pain in the ass....' well, take a guess which said that.

I got home and was happy to find out that the mattress had no odor that the instructions said it may have.  I threw it on the bed, put covers on and showered, took some Advil and laid down.

OH MY GAWD!  (Actually I think I text that to someone last night).  It is AWESOME.  I slept like a baby, I woke up with no aches or pains (well, a slight bruise from the fall the night before).  Best purchase I made in years!!!!!

Saturday morning I sat out on the front stoop (as I normally do Saturday mornings to enjoy the ONE cup of caffeine I am allowed all day) and was just amazed at how refreshed I felt.

I learned a few things:
Don't believe all that is written in instructions
People really don't share the good stuff, NOW people are saying they have one and it's great
Wear protective armor when opening anything that decompresses
Make sure you are in a room big enough for decompression
No matter how exhausted, don't fall asleep with your glasses on