Hello Everyone,

October 2015

I love October, not just because it is my birthday month but because the air changes, the season changes, the time changes.

It is when we must embrace the fact that the time change will have us seeing the dark sooner. A time when the trees begin to let loose the leaves, orange, brown and yellow leaves flying about.

It is the time when the ghouls and horrors are seen in decorations, shows, movies and parties.

It is the time when we say farewell to the summer heat, smile toward the cooler weather and wonder of the winter to come.

Happy October! May there be light within you to shine upon the earlier darker hours. May the ghouls and gremlins that ring the door bell make you smile and partake in trick or treat.

May you embrace the change in season knowing... it will bring us back to Spring soon enough.

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October 24, 2011

DISCUSS...What price can you put on learning to become a woman that men adore ... and never want to leave?

Apparently $47.00.

This article landed in my email.  Sometimes I think it's not by accident.  Some wiseass out there likes to get my Rican up.  Of course, I read it.  The extremely long sales pitch to buy the way into becoming a woman that men adore ... and never want to leave?

I'm not spending $47.00, that's for sure.  But my curiosity will make me research what the heck this book offers costing $47 as ebook.

Let me add the guarantee that comes across as hook, line and sinker - I understand that my order is covered by an iron-clad guarantee as follows: I can put the E-book to the test for a full eight weeks. I can try out the tips, tactics and strategies on for size. I agree to give it a fair try and if the E-book is not worth at least 10 times more than I paid for it -- or if it doesn't revolutionize my love life -- or if I'm not 100% satisfied with it for any reason, I'll receive a refund of my entire purchase price of $47.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Of course it made me think...ever the Watcher....

I don't want ONE man telling me, I mean people are just different, I want to hear it from different men...

WELL???? What do you adore?  What makes you not leave?

I can't speak for all women, but I know what makes me stay or leave:

Attention - just not the smothering kind
Knowing it's going somewhere

Lack of attention
Mistaking my daily life as a drama
Forgetting to be a friend
Feeling like a doormat

Check out the link to see what spurred this post:


October 23, 2011

Inspiration me...Footloose and close... Utopia

I went to see the remake of Footloose.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Although a bit modernized with music and moves the plot was mostly the same.

Makes one wonder...why aren't kids that close?  They stuck together to make not only a petition to dance (of all things) but to put together a prom and stand firm on proving all they wanted to do was dance.

Community...do we really have it?  I am a firm believer that it takes a village to raise a child.  When my son was younger I did not raise just one boy, when his friends were over they were raised too.  Taught to respect culture, the rules of the house and how to play well with one another.  If a parent had to work late they didn't have to struggle to find someone to take their child to daycare or the next location or even home after practice. We took turns, well actually in the neighborhood we were in, I started it and it just caught on.  A favor for a favor, we watched each others child.  One parent was never in the dark about their kid.

We moved around a bit and it was noticeable that some neighborhoods or some parents just weren't interested.  I remember 3 boys in particular, brothers.  They worked as a team to steal from people.  One would distract the kid, the other an adult and the third would pack up their book bag, pants and jacket.  When caught cops were called.  When I caught them, I made them sit...wait for their father to arrive and they received a lecture, some food, attention and than were ratted out.  Unfortunately, the mother suffered an illness and could not care for them well, the father worked two jobs so the kids raised themselves for the most part.  EVERYONE knew this, it was the schoolyard gossip, but no one did anything.  They were at my home several more times and no, no stealing.  Just hungry little guys that ate, laughed and watched TV.  They grew up to be social misfits, I often think of them and shudder at the lack of interest they were given by their 'community'.

I walk a lot through my commute and see kids these days, especially in the town I live in.  They walk around causing mischief, you hear the neighbors whisper the gossip when they pass but no one stops and talks to them.  I often sit outside to drink coffee and talk to some of the kids, it is amazing how well they speak when given attention.  Their laughter is just medicine for me.  One in particular said 'why bother being nice, they think we are trouble anyway'.  I didn't say so out loud, but I understood their point in a way.  I'm an adult and find it hard to get a conversation with people here and also see them struggle with one another.  What a shame!

Years ago in Puerto Rico during the holidays it didn't matter who had money, the best house or food.  In a village/small town it was agreed that starting around Thanksgiving on the weekends a continuous celebration followed:

Those that played instruments, gathered
Those that could cook would
Those that could afford a trinket for kids wrapped them

Each weekend someone would open their doors to the instant band, catering (potluck) and gift giving.  Much merriment was had but also a community bonded.  They knew one another, each others kids and grandchildren.  Throughout the year the kids walked to school together, parents chatted on the porch, greeted each other all anxious for that season to come on by.

I'm not saying we should have a block party every weekend, I am saying we should know one another, keep an eye on each other's kids and property (I believe they call it neighborhood watch) but most importantly we should be kind to one another.  Would that be a real Utopia?

October 22, 2011

AndMore...Memory Foam bed disaster

I waited months.  Months to accumulate points, coupons and discounts.  No! Not for a flight, for the memory foam bed.  It's pretty close a months rent.

I finally order it and it will take 3 weeks to deliver.  It's not coming from a small underground factory in some remote region of the world.  Nope, its coming from US to US.  I wait.............(nails tapping).

It took TWO weeks, YAY!  I had it shipped elsewhere and got the call 'Your boxes came in and one looks large enough to hold a compressed memory foam bed'.

My son had borrowed my car as he is still looking for a job to hold him over until his deployment (who am I kidding...he also uses it to hang out, leaving me in an apartment where at one point re-flooring and painting was on the roommates mind...1/8 into the project the place looks like it was ransacked. (Well maybe not as bad as the pic above but darn close!)  The young!  They have no schedule in life.)  I stray.....

My son arrives with a friend and brings up the boxes, I have to take them home so I tell him 'Since the car is blocking a garage go downstairs, I just want to open the memory foam.  Online instructions said it could take up to 48 hours to decompress'.  He went off to stand guard of the car.

I open the box and see a rolled up item in a brown plastic bag.  'Good grief that is sucked in tight.'  I thought...out loud...to no one in particular.  Taking the brown plastic off the mattress was then secured in what I can best describe as Saran Wrap.  I unroll the wrap and the mattress balls back up.  'Damn, that thing is going to take at least a week to decompress. Up to 48 hours my ass."  If there are ghosts living in this apartment they sure get a chuckle out of me.

I unroll it again putting weight on the end and unfold it as it is in half lengthwise.  The 3 inch thickness is about an inch.  'Oh well, I will just have to let stand in a corner and wait.  Gotta go take the kids home.'

Next think I know I am flat on my back on the floor, my head having hit the door and the now mostly decompressed mattress on me.  No Swoosh sound, no indication whatsoever it would just pop like that.  I get up...I try to get up but my head hurts, my bum hurts, my back which was terrible beforehand is now in such pain.  I stand upright and decide to fake it.  As I go down the flight of stairs to go outside I could feel each pain of each step.  I take the boys to their hangout, stop at my sisters to drop off a dehumidifier that I am afraid will get ruined with the 10 minute a month repair project roommate (hey, $200 is a lot of money to waste), as she talks about plans for the weekend I don't hear much as my body is louder.....

'Are you F'ing nuts! Go home and chew on some Advil!' says the brain.
'If you thought the pain before was bad, how does THIS feel', says the back
'Well...after all the years of people saying you're a pain in the ass....' well, take a guess which said that.

I got home and was happy to find out that the mattress had no odor that the instructions said it may have.  I threw it on the bed, put covers on and showered, took some Advil and laid down.

OH MY GAWD!  (Actually I think I text that to someone last night).  It is AWESOME.  I slept like a baby, I woke up with no aches or pains (well, a slight bruise from the fall the night before).  Best purchase I made in years!!!!!

Saturday morning I sat out on the front stoop (as I normally do Saturday mornings to enjoy the ONE cup of caffeine I am allowed all day) and was just amazed at how refreshed I felt.

I learned a few things:
Don't believe all that is written in instructions
People really don't share the good stuff, NOW people are saying they have one and it's great
Wear protective armor when opening anything that decompresses
Make sure you are in a room big enough for decompression
No matter how exhausted, don't fall asleep with your glasses on

October 21, 2011

DISCUSS - Florida woman left husband and 4 kids to go to OWS

Not sure how true this is since you can't believe all you read...BUT...

Per the story she left Florida, along with her husband (the Banker) and her four kids to protest.  She is not returning.  Cuddles with a waiter on cold nights at the park.  Might I mention that she refers to her actions similar to military people that leave their family behind..........I doubt they leave saying 'I'm not going back'.

Here's the story - DISCUSS -




MSNBC had a link to an article from The Work Buzz called 13 ways you're driving your co-workers nuts, here is the link - http://www.theworkbuzz.com/work/office-etiquette/drive-your-co-workers-nuts/?ocid=xnetr3-1

I agree with:

#5 - “People who enter your office, see you speaking on the phone w/ a customer and plop down and wait listening to the whole conversation while doing distracting things like picking up items, photos, etc. from your desk. Or even worse, when they try to talk interrupt your call and ask you questions while you are still on the phone. Rude, rude, rude.” — Tracey E., via Facebook

I think #9 is just ACIDNINE! - “My pet peeve is people who show up late for meetings. I was always taught that 5 min. early is on time!” — Em V., via Facebook

#10 - “People who use and wear scented products in enclosed workspaces which can literally kill a person who is chemically sensitive. Employers need to embrace and enforce fragrance free policies. I consider this the new 2nd hand smoke issue.” — Hedwig R., via Facebook

I'll add a couple

#14 - People who think a fashion statement is cause for a raise when their job has nothing to do with fashion.

#15 - People who don't wash their hands after they use the bathroom and feel as though it is their right to touch everything.

Oh oh one more......drum roll please.......

#16 - People who don't answer your email then complain that you are not quick enough with their demands.

What's your pet-peeves?


October 20, 2011

Dear Diary...Bloodboy and Piebald

Dear Diary,

Why is it considered mean to take time out of ones evening in deep concern to find out what is terribly wrong with his head.  Bloodboy has a discoloration of hair, kind of looks like elderly women patched blonde hair in square quilts to his head.

My intensive research (via Google because the internet never lies) says:

A piebald is an animal, such as a horse or ball python, that has a spotting pattern of large unpigmented (sometimes expressed as white) areas and normally pigmented patches (black in the horse pictured). The colour of the animal's skin underneath its coat is both the natural color (under the black patches of hair in this example) and pigmentless (under the white patches in the horse example). This alternating colour pattern is irregular and asymmetrical. Other than colour, it is similar in appearance to the skewbald pattern. Some animals also exhibit colouration of the irises of the eye that match the surrounding skin (blue eyes for pink skin, brown for dark). The underlying genetic cause is related to a condition known as leucism.

That's right Diary, Bloodboy has PIEBALD.

I immediately brought it to his attention whereas he became quite upset.  As if it's MY fault he has a genetic disorder commonly found in horses and ball pythons!

Of course there is no cure other then perhaps Revlon #3 coloring, but at least he was given a name to the freakish patches on his head.

No gratitude whatsoever!  He lifted his theoretical petticoat, stomped his foot, allowed the excess of blood (yes Diary he also has hemochromatosis) to rush to his face which of course makes the blonde patches show even more and walked away.  Mumbling no less.

Tell me Diary... tell me what it takes to get some gratitude for the hard work I do on trying to decipher all that is wrong with Bloodboy?

*SIGH*  I guess I must continue on without a sliver of thanks.

October 18, 2011

Inspiration me...Knowing is better than guessing

I release the need to determine how things should be...If you are suffering in your life right now, I can guarantee that this condition is tied up with some kind of attachment to how things should be going. ~Inner Wisdom cards by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Releasing resistance...today I will simply accept.  I will relinquish the need to be in resistance to myself and my environment in any way. I will move forward in joy by accepting where I am right now. ~the language of letting go by Melody Beattie

The first card reminds me of a prayer I say almost daily and for many many years.  Lord, please help me to see things for how they are - and not how I fantasize them to be.

I am really good at getting lost in a fantasy.  Really good at hanging on to hope.  Extremely good at wishing on the best.  The thing about that is one day you realize time has passed, years even and you are still...fantasizing, hoping and wishing.  You're really not...LIVING!

The second card pretty much says how to stop fantasizing, hoping and wishing endlessly, rather believing in yourself and in something better coming along.

I read an article on the 13 ways to tell if someone is not interested.  It was shocking to see how many of the tell tale signs were in my relationships.  How I just wouldn't accept it.  Fantasy, hope and wishes were not happening either.

I am not telling anyone not to fantasize, goodness I would not want people to lose hope or stop believing in wishes.  I am saying to keep track of time, to keep track of self and not lose yourself in those three.  You may just find that many opportunities - better opportunities are just flying by.  You wouldn't want to wake up to reality when those opportunities are no more.
I rather know how someone feels than guess and be wrong.  I rather know when someone is upset or even happy with something I did, I won't guess, I fail miserably at that.  I am a Libra to the core...

Diplomatic and urbane

That's a nice list except a bit much of any can be a bad thing.  Especially romantic and idealistic.

I've learned a few things this year:
The language of letting go; silent or not
You can love from a distance
You can set measures of love and save yourself pain
People will hurt you and not even know or in some cases care
One can not control their love for someone just as much as one can not control not loving someone
I will not give up on fantasizing, hoping and wishing but I will remind myself to live in reality
Sometimes those lists in articles are actually true for some if not all

Romantic and charming
Easygoing and sociable
Idealistic and peaceable

October 12, 2011

My Little Book Review...Vigilante by Claude Bouchard

My Little Book Review...Vigilante

Vigilante by Claude Bouchard
's review 

5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Gracey by: Twitter buzz
Recommended for: anyone that loves a fast paced, thrilling read
Read from September 30 to October 04, 2011

When I first started this book I was amazed at how each page pulled me in more. Great start, intriguing middle and a shocking ending. What more can you ask of a great book.

Vigilante makes you side with him, relate and cheer him on. All of the characters come to life to make this story the grand thrill it is.

The Vigilante is a good mannered killer who just wants to clean up the streets without the red tape. McCall is the cop hot on his tail. Power, crime and justice never seemed so fascinating.

The first of a series that will get you hooked. Claude Bouchard holds back no punches - you will not be disappointed. A great read that is both well thought out and written. Bravo!Vigilante

LOVE THIS SERIES!  Mind Games #3 is another favorite, review will be posted in a few days.


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My Little Book Review...The Consultant by Claude Bouchard

My Little Book Review... The Consultant

The Consultant by Claude Bouchard
's review
Oct 12, 11  ·  edit

5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Gracey by: Twitter buzz
Recommended for: anyone that loves a fast paced, thrilling read
Read from September 28 to 30, 2011

I just love this series. Barry and McCall are just great.

Not your ordinary cop, alone and miserable doing a job. But a family man with great guts and true heart and he's paired with Chris Barry. If you haven't read Vigilante don't fret Claude Bouchard makes sure you are up to speed on who is who. But...you would be missing out by not reading it.

The Consultant puts Barry in a job that sounds right up his alley. Although retired young he still has an itch for the life he had and the side job he created for himself. Consulting seems to give him both while letting him have time with family and friends.

McCall has become good friends with Barry and the two build a great friendship, McCall none the wiser on his friends past.

As is usual for these two there is lots of action, humor and detail on their beloved country Canada. I feel as though I right there on those streets with them.

I am hooked on this series and this book (#2) just wet my appetite for more. I immediately purchased the 3rd. Claude Bouchard quite frankly will not disappoint.The Consultant

For more information on how to get a copy - 


OR visit the Author's site for possible sales - http://www.claudebouchardbooks.com/mybooks.htm

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My Little Book Review....Becoming by Raine Thomas

My Little Book Review - Becoming

Reviewed on Goodreads

Becoming by Raine Thomas


's review
Oct 12, 11  ·  edit

5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Gracey by: Twitter updates
Recommended for: Everyone of all ages

That this book is not my normal genre and loved it, surprises me.

Raine Thomas has taken the gift of placing a reader right smack in the middle of her story. The Estilorian trilogy is just magnificent.

Three sisters meeting for the first time at the age of eighteen is hard enough, finding out you are only half human...well that just adds a huge wrench. Each one gifted and we the readers get to meet them, bond with them and travel to another plane, their home. The Estilorian story is fast paced. You get it all! Action, romance, paranormal, human, war, and family. One of the best books of I have read in quite some time in a genre I am glad I gave not one but three (Trilogy) chances to.

I don't just suggest you get this book, get the trilogy you won't stop on one. 

For more information on Becoming and the other two books in the Trilogy:

Or visit the Authors site at http://rainethomas.com

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October 10, 2011

Despicable they Part 5...Men Madness

Another dose of Despicable They.  This time for the MEN! After Diva Dumbness I got some slack.  Silly people, I have enough bitching for 'everyone'.

How many of these do you know?  How many do you resemble?  I have met, dated, married, loved, worked with or am related to each.  They EXIST!

General consensus - 
Men don't know any better.  I recently spoke of a hurt caused to me and how frustrating it was that the guy didn't even realize.  The response I got was 'Men are just stupid'.  Imagine my surprise when a co-worker said the same thing.  AND...he is a man!

I don't buy it!  At all! I think it is easy to just not try to think of how ones words can hurt.  Ones actions or in-actions.  Especially if you know that man was raised well.  At times you just have to admit it....you don't give a shit and you just don't bother to think before you speak.

The whole pie - 

Gotta love these men.  They want it all!  Usually think they deserve it all simply for just existing.  Charming...apologetic...serial womanizers.  Usually whether married or not they keep you as their deepest darkest secret.  Along with the other women in their lives.

Ulterior motives- 

I really despise people (men or women) with an ulterior motive.  It's lying!  Period!  Ulterior motivated men start out by pretending to be what they know you want, reel you in then stop.  Before you know it you think you're with someone that has multiple personality when in fact, you are now meeting the real person.  It's a mind fuck!  It's not just with romance either they do this to ANYONE in their lives.  Usually get along great with the charmers, since they ultimately want to be one.

Just a joke... really! I'm just kidding! (can't you take a joke!_ -

These critters like to test the waters.  They insult and/or do their best to upset you.  Once that has been accomplished and they realize your anger is worse then they thought or remembered; they add the 'Just kidding - just a joke' words.  Which basically means...'to top it all off I think your stupid enough to not know the difference'.  Usually just pathological liars with a touch of narcissism. Some will admit to it if they know they don't stand a chance with you.

Woman are just bitches - 

Bitter and immature.  That's the long and short of it.  These guys are just bitter.  Not letting go of any hurt they feel and making every women that comes along the target of their pain.  Also blames every women in existence for the pain that may have been caused by one and yet still wants a relationship...or so they think.  They try to come across as normal but really just have an ax to grind, never turn your back to them.

Shame really.  Honesty is the best policy.  You don't waste years of your life or someone else's if you are just honest.  If you have to lie then you have something in your life  you are not happy with and really... you just have to have the courage to change it.

That's it folks.  Don't know when the next Despicable They will be...but I am sure plenty enough people will get my venting mojo going to keep them coming.

For Despicable They - Diva Dumbness click on the below link as I wrote that one on my site:


October 04, 2011

Watcher's Journal...Authors, opinions, cheapskate Oh my

I have been blessed enough to begin a wonderful and constant communication with Authors, writers, bloggers and more.  I have been on Twitter for years although my latest account is fairly new.  I found that I started out not knowing who I wanted to Tweet with.  It took a couple of years to finally decide to close the original account and let @gracey_castro begin a new venture.

I follow and have a plethora of followers but most are writers.  I find them inspirational.  I have expanded my reading genre like never before and find myself reading more and writing more.

What I have also noticed is the disregard to the fact that they write for a living.  I had a heated discussion with a friend who knows I purchase books on a weekly basis, whether actual paper books or downloads.  Mostly downloads since getting my Kobo (still dreaming about the Nook color).  She asked me to send her all the ones I read.  I told her I would send the links for her to purchase.  The discussion began.

Her reasons why:

  1. Why pay when you already have it?
  2. They make tons of money anyway.
  3. I can't afford to purchase at the rate I read.

My reasons for getting my Rican up:

  1. Because I paid!  I paid someone for their product.  Same as when you paid for that $400 purse.
  2. At $.99 to $5.00 a download I seriously doubt it.
  3. Read the first entry on my reasons.

It's like when someone asked me when I worked for a retail store 'hey can you get me some stuff, you know - five finger discount'.

It is just insulting and infuriating.  I am no thief.  Nor would I ask someone else to steal for me let alone for someone else.  I am not going to assist 'cheapskates' in saving $5.00 when they literally just spent $400 on the ugliest purse I ever seen (yes, I said that).  I most definitely would not assist anyone in stealing.

The best money you can spend is on a book.  You might just learn something.  Another friend criticized, asking what could I possibly learn from a Paranormal book.  Well...just with the latest one I learned that even in mystical writing there is hope for humanity.  Lessons of love, kindness and survival.  I also learned that I use than and then wrong.


#OccupyWallSt - to this day people are saying and writing that they laugh at the protest since they don't even know what they want.  Well...it just so happens that THEY DO have a list!  An opinion to me only counts if it is a valid choice of words based on experience or fact.  Otherwise it is just BULLSHIT and I can get that anywhere.  I am amazed on the social networks the hostility over opinions.  If one does not agree with another they are 'idiots' to just name one word used often enough.  Worse yet, the converters, those that just keep at it until they convert others.  Even on something as simple as a post where someone wrote 'I really like Star Wars'.  The hate and debates on his post were incredible.  How about sharing opinions? There's a thought!

Ahhh...but I stray.  The moral of the post on this blog is this...
If you can afford it - buy it and stop bullying others to encourage your scamming ways.
Remember - others are making a living too.
Tell someone you like their work.  How many books have you read? How many times have you taken the time to appreciate both the book and the author?
Agree to disagree - the wonderful thing about Humanity is our differences.
Tweet it, FB like it and/or G+ it, spread the word - I LIKED IT!

October 03, 2011

AndMore...The Bar Crawl rules

By definition  pub crawl (sometimes called a bar tourbar crawl or bar-hopping) is the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally walking or busing to each one between drinking.

My first bar crawl was at the age of 21.  Some friends from work gathered (10 of us) and decided it was time.  Time for the bar crawl.  I was piled into one of 3 cars and we traveled to Boston, home of the Supervisor who left to make it big in the city.  I had a several others throughout the years with family or co-workers, friends or besties.

21st Birthday
We stayed at his family home who were on vacation for a month.  October is beautiful in Boston, they start up with the Halloween decoration early...at least back in the day.

Once all were rested we set out to find someplace to eat and set the rules.

The rules for that Bar Crawl night:
Birthday girl doesn't pay (nice)
All else had better have money for the crawl (I must admit the word crawl had me in fear, but I wasn't about to show that)
One drink per bar!
All must participate in getting to know people at the bar
No fighting
No talking politics or religion
No pick ups
No inter group pick ups (we would wake up in the same house)
What happens in Boston - stays in Boston
Bar crawls are not a constant event, just milestones in ones life
Birthday girl treats or cooks breakfast (again - nice)

We set out and to this day I can't remember how many bars we hit, there were many.  A cousin of the supervisor was designated driver.  An avid sober person that detested the taste of any alcohol.  Some parts of Boston has bars far off from another, which made the ride interesting.

I have tried to bring back the Bar crawl and the few times have been a failure ranging from bars closed to not being able to pick a city or state.

But the following list just made me think...better to leave that pleasurable event in the past. :-(
The ones that wait for the check to declare they are broke
The ones that go with an ulterior motive - never a good one
The ones that bitch and moan on location, when it's time to leave, etc.
The ones that drink like a fish at every bar
The ones that have a drinking problem (see drinks like a fish, closely related)
The ones that develop beer muscles, no one likes a grouch sober let along under the influence
The ones that think slurring and toppling = sexy; therefore dry humping with their eyes
The ones that think it's the best time to press upon their beliefs (no time is a good time for that crap)
The ones that leave a bad mark at the place causing all others to scratch it off the list
The ones that don't know when to stop drinking - saying I've had enough is a great sign for all to stop.  A good group would decide on a diner and ending the crawl with some laughs.
and the worst one.....
The ones that think they are on a permanent list to go to any bar crawl

Yup, I miss the days when people got together and stuck to a plan that did not entail taking anyone for granted or ruining what could be a great night.

This doesn't just go for bar crawls...pretty much any event can be ruined by not following simple lists that basically mean - be kind to one another.

Might as well leave it in the past where one can smile in memory and not feel as though the night was damned.