Hello Everyone,

October 2015

I love October, not just because it is my birthday month but because the air changes, the season changes, the time changes.

It is when we must embrace the fact that the time change will have us seeing the dark sooner. A time when the trees begin to let loose the leaves, orange, brown and yellow leaves flying about.

It is the time when the ghouls and horrors are seen in decorations, shows, movies and parties.

It is the time when we say farewell to the summer heat, smile toward the cooler weather and wonder of the winter to come.

Happy October! May there be light within you to shine upon the earlier darker hours. May the ghouls and gremlins that ring the door bell make you smile and partake in trick or treat.

May you embrace the change in season knowing... it will bring us back to Spring soon enough.

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December 31, 2010

AndMore...humor or lack of

Someone made a comment that triggered a conversation.  'No one has a sense of humor anymore.'

The reality is - we live in a sensitive society.  We must be politically correct or else.  You can't make jokes or you're a racist, insensitive, bitter or sarcastic.  Even the animal people get all riled up about animal jokes.  The question 'why did the chicken cross the road' will be one of life's mystery now.

We live and are forced into a society of egg shells.  Tippy toe around knowing you will step on one and the sound will be heard for miles.

Friends lying to friends, on the rare occasion one tells the truth, all hell breaks loose.  Workers lying, family lying, politicians STILL lying.  It's a wonder we don't walk around with polygraph strips (note to self: invent polygraph strips).

I walked through the snow covered streets, thinking.......a blanket of lies.  The beautiful snow covers the dirty streets.  The shiny top deceiving it's icy danger or slushy disaster.

Where is the hope in it all?

It's in the rare people that still exist, the ones that tell it like it is and gladly receives it as it is.  It's in the rare people that will joke of your culture and chuckle when you return the favor.  Teehee

It's in the time the snow falls - still with promise and when it melts; reminding us of what lies beneath.

It's in knowing that the dumb chicken shouldn't be on a road and in an OVEN.

It's in the moments.  The moments we let our guard down and accept people; scars and all.  The moments others accept you; scars and all.

It's when we realize that when all fails, the lucky ones have a sense of humor to help them through it.

December 13, 2010


Let's see - where were we on the list of types of people I despise.......

Whiners - Why the fuck these people don't just shut the hell up is a lost clue.  Don't ever make the mistake of asking a whiner a simple question like 'how are you?'  Before you know it you will have the measurements of their colon, their spouses bad habits in alphabetical order and a list of all their meds as well as when the refills are due.

Lazy motherfuckers - DESPISE THESE PEOPLE!  You bust your ass all day and watch them dilly dally while earning money.  Man would I love to gather all of them up and air drop them into a factory in China.  Then they would appreciate their jobs.

Eternal victims - A swift kick in the ass is what these people need.  In this day and age, there are group sessions for everything!  Got a fucking hang nail, GROUP SESSION.  There is absolutely no reason for anyone above the age of 18 to be a victim of someone Else's mind game.  Unless of course Hannibal is your neighbor, then your just FUCKED.

Criers - I mean you have to let something out, by all means do.  But at least learn how to fucking speak while you are crying, I am not United Nations!

Broke ass motherfuckers - I'm a broke ass motherfucker, why come to me if you are one????  It's not like I SHIT MONEY.

Bible beaters - close cousin to bible thumpers.  Everything is God's fault.  'God will punish you.' 'Why, God? Why me?' 'Pray to God and it will all go away'.  I mean really?  Really?  If that were the case he would not have given us brains.  Try putting a thought and effort together, he has other stuff to do you know.  Praying to win the lottery????  He must just laugh at your ass.  Telling someone to go to church or they will go to hell is really a sick mind trip.  How about something a bit more pleasant like....Want love?  Talk to God!  There's a thought.

Atheists - FUCK YOU!  You don't believe in shit that's your problem, stop pissing all over someone else's parade!

Sales people - There's a fucking recession - WORLD WIDE!  Stop calling people!  We ain't got shit, hell even our piss isn't ours anymore.

Self made journalist - These people should just have their larynx removed.  They hear a bit of news, don't bother to follow up or actually listen to all of it and just vomit wrong information all over the place.  These people are the siblings of Chaos and Mayhem.

People!  They just make my ass twitch!

December 09, 2010

Inspiration me...I think it's time for some inspiration

I look for the meaning of life within myself...If you want to find a deeper meaning in your life, you can't find it in the opinions or the beliefs that have been handed to you.  You have to go to that place within yourself. ~Dr. W. Dyer

Enjoying life - today I will do something just for the fun of it. I will find something to do that's just for me, and I won't worry about what I "should" be doing.  I will learn how to make myself feel good and enjoy life to the fullest. ~Melody Beattie, the language of letting go

Since I really needed some inspiration I decided to pull two cards from different decks, imagine my surprise when they both touched on life and how you must live it and live it by knowing yourself.

I was on the bus this morning thinking of my childhood.  I was driving through the very town I grew up in.  No matter the change of the landscape, the old historical buildings were enough to remind me of....
Walking the main avenue no matter the weather and just enjoying the walk.
Running about in the small park, just because.
Going to the arcade (which isn't there anymore) and spending hours with Atari and PacMan.
Mostly I remembered that happiness was something I felt when I just got up, got out and breathed the air slowly while walking.  Sitting on benches always with a notebook and pen in hand, writing all that fell before my eyes.

I inspire me this...to write new material on all the pages of my web site this week.  To do so writing with all the words I want to say and no stopping to what others may not want to read.

I inspire you this...Walk the main avenue of your memory, pull one that tells you what you did that just made you 'live' and relive it.

December 07, 2010

AndMore...hear me roar

The body tells you when you have had enough.  When you are too ignorant to listen.

I have been on a path of finding my true self, having lost me a while back.  That woman that would roar.  Long past hope, fear, being a victim or a cause of circumstance.  Here is the warning, heed my roar.

To the ones that seek the money god and it's pot of gold.  There is no such god.  Be gone with you.
To the ones that seek to control my very spirit.  BRING IT!  I long to give an ass whoopin.
To the ones that seek to share their hypocritical ways.  FUCK YOU!  KISS MY ASS! Read it till you believe it.
To the control freaks that think they can run your lives.  Run your own it's a mess!
To the lazy motherfuckers that complain all day without an ounce of gratitude.  KARMA is knocking on your door!
To the negative people; the naysayers; the ones that in their small hearts mean you harm.  I'M BACK!  And POSITIVELY capable of proving your dumb ass will not piss on my parade.

I found me.  I have a plan and it does not entail being that person that waits on hope.  I believe in destiny and our God given right to assist in it's making.

I shed not an ounce of tear again for the ones that are listed above.  Swim to shore, spit until the flames burn out, run until the darkness fades, but rest assure on this......I am no longer the buoy, the hose or the light to your path.  I pray to no money god so don't seek it here.

For those that remember that me of long ago, hello, I have missed you, I'm back!

I may at times break, but I always find every single piece and have mastered reassembling to where there are no crack lines.

Did you hear that?  Did you hear my roar?

It may sound like a purr...........

December 03, 2010

Inspiration me...ending the week right...I answer to myself

I answer to myself and no one else...The person looking back at you in the mirror is the one you have to answer to every day. ~Wayne Dyer

Very appropriate card.  I have noticed that the misery of commute, the exhaustion of the daily grind in which time escapes me has led me to become somewhat of an OK answering person.

Even though my instinct says otherwise I will say OK and try the other person (who ever it is that day) method; then get upset when what I 'knew' would happen or not happen, happened or didn't happen.  I have been alone for most of my adult life.  A single parent for most of my sons life.  I answered to no one.  It's not like anyone was lining up to take the fall.  Yet somehow in the last 2 years that changed drastically.

Recently I find myself in a situation where I am forced to remember that I answer to NO ONE.  That no matter what, failures and success in my life will be my doing for people will only take credit for the success.

I inspire you this - take a stand for yourself.  Say what you want and as long as morality, laws and goodness are not compromised, trust in yourself to know how to get it.

I inspire me this - That G from years ago, slowly surfaces.  Watch out!  For she answers to NO ONE!!!!

December 02, 2010

Inspiration me...change

By definition change is:
1 a : to make different in some particular : alter change the will> b : to make radically different : transform change human nature> c : to give a different position, course, or direction to
2 a : to replace with another change the subject>

There is so much I want to change; so little that I can.  I can only change me.  So when someone is negative and I can't turn it to positive, I change by not being so available to the person.

If I love and the love is not returned, I change by avoiding the person until I can see them for the uninterested person they are.

If I have to argue, explain myself or do anything that makes me feel angry or uncomfortable I am that much quicker to reach the point of no return.

I no longer and haven't for quite some time believe that you can make an impact and change someone.  You can make an impact to cause one to think, but ultimately they have to want to change for themselves.  Or you have to change your expectations or self.

People are more and more learning the skills of a Chameleon.  Adjusting their skin/selves to the immediate environment.  You just never know if you will meet the real person, I believe in most cases they don't know which is their real selves either.

To find inspiration in all of this a penpal from Ireland wrote something that really helped.

A person shall you their real self because they are proud of who they are - that is the person that matters in your life, remains and with no adjustment to their environment.  A person of value to ones life will even dare to be different to your skin/self if that is who they are. ~TVP (I could not have found or said it better).

I inspire me this - to see people for who they really are because I am after all The Watcher and observant.

I inspire you this - If but for an hour a day, be the you - you want to be.

December 01, 2010

Dear Diary...I'm all wet

Dear Diary,

Long past are the days where anything is made to last.  Nothing is American made anymore and I am sure other countries are purposely FUCKING up products knowing we will get them.  Then again if I had to make things for another country for $.75 a week, I probably wouldn't make a strong effort.

Oh Diary, I remember as a child one would get a nice umbrella and that BITCH UMBRELLA would last the whole school year.  Actually, one would get upset because it lasted so long you couldn't get a nice bright pink one like that little diva BYTCH Veronica I grew up with.

Instead Diary, one must spend 12+ dollars for a FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT that won't last a block let alone a rain storm.  This CESSPOOL of an island is known for the umbrella stack.  Even Letterman dressed a child on his talk show as NY trash can with broken umbrellas sticking out for Halloween.

Diary...I bought an umbrella yesterday 12+ FUCKING DOLLARS and the PIECE OF SHIT didn't last a block.  There I was in torrential rains, wind storms that made my panties cringe, droplets of water from clouds mocking this Island with a downpour that threatened the doom met in Sodom and Gomorrah; holding on to the PIECE OF SHIT umbrella that immediately turned inside out.  The cheap ass arms that is supposed to hold the fabric twisting like a lepers infested limb.

Dearest Diary, is it me?  IS IT ME?  IS IT FUCKING ME?????? Or is there an umbrella conspiracy to make people buy the PIECE OF SHIT at the price of a long lasting item with the manufacturing of a one time disposable product?

Diary...would it be too much to ask to have a small window, a window where I could have the person that created these umbrellas in a room and an empty jar of Vaseline so I could RAM ONE OF THESE PIECE OF SHIT umbrellas up their ASS?????  Without repercussions from the law?  Really???? Is it so much to ask??????

Now I sit at my desk with kinky hair that won't settle down.  Wet jeans that weigh me down.  A soaking bra that won't make the day.  Socks that squish - squish with every step and a day old umbrella that WON'T FUCKING CLOSE.