Hello Everyone,

October 2015

I love October, not just because it is my birthday month but because the air changes, the season changes, the time changes.

It is when we must embrace the fact that the time change will have us seeing the dark sooner. A time when the trees begin to let loose the leaves, orange, brown and yellow leaves flying about.

It is the time when the ghouls and horrors are seen in decorations, shows, movies and parties.

It is the time when we say farewell to the summer heat, smile toward the cooler weather and wonder of the winter to come.

Happy October! May there be light within you to shine upon the earlier darker hours. May the ghouls and gremlins that ring the door bell make you smile and partake in trick or treat.

May you embrace the change in season knowing... it will bring us back to Spring soon enough.

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January 20, 2011

AndMore...Train wreck

You just don't win in this world, of that I am sure.

It doesn't matter what city you live in (and this Gypsy pretty much is in plenty of them) NYC is a terrible place to commute to.

I get to the subway and as if it isn't bad enough to share platform space with both 2 legged and 4 legged rats, the stench gets worse yearly.  The waiting time between trains is lengthier by the week.  Peddlers are loose, if they are not singing, dancing or preaching then they are speaking a script.  My favorite is the buy that I used to see at the Penn Station.  He has the same story, he has kids in NJ or NY (depending in which direction he is going) and needs just 4 more dollars to get the ticket.  I fell for it the first time.  By the fourth time I was reciting the script with him (he definitely did not appreciate that).

Today the train finally gets there after a 25 minute wait.  That's a long time, the platform gets so full that if you are on the edge chances are a light tap can send you over into the tracks.  I get into the train and am pretty squashed.  I don't know what's worse, the guy with the stench of burping his breakfast or the woman that decided today was a good day to dive in head first into the cheapest fucking perfume.

I put on my headphones and listen to the tunes of Evanescence, nothing like hearing her screaming vocal cords to keep you awake in the morning.  The train stops and I realize the doors don't open, I pretty much don't care since it's not my stop.

Well.....I should've cared.  We were ushered off the train and told to go upstairs to another platform to get to our destination.  Both sides of the platform was closed.  No reason or none that I heard by the time I shut the MP3 player off.

Now this is me we are talking about.  It took a YEAR a FUCKING YEAR for me to find my way around Little Falls, the town is 2.5 miles big.  I decided it would be better to take the bus.

Damn FUCKING bus took 40 minutes to arrive.

As my friends daughter likes to say "Whats the reason?"  I mean, why bother getting up so early if you are going to get work so late????  I could sleep more!!!!!

'The city that never sleeps'  Well, that's because people CAN'T GET HOME! to sleep.  There's the secret to that one.

I still don't know why they did that!  I still don't know why it takes 40 minutes for a bus to arrive in NEW YORK CITY!  I still don't know why I forgot to ask my friend for a belt.

I am wearing jeans that although hug my ass, that same ass pulls them down. I am officially one of those guys that walk around with their skivvies showing, except I didn't wear skivvies, I wore itty bitties.  So my coat (you know Shaneequa) with the rough insides (although warm) has given my ass severe rug burns.  I sit in torture, festering of my ride or lack up, with a dieing need to sit and soak in neosporin.

How's your FUCKING day going????????