Hello Everyone,

October 2015

I love October, not just because it is my birthday month but because the air changes, the season changes, the time changes.

It is when we must embrace the fact that the time change will have us seeing the dark sooner. A time when the trees begin to let loose the leaves, orange, brown and yellow leaves flying about.

It is the time when the ghouls and horrors are seen in decorations, shows, movies and parties.

It is the time when we say farewell to the summer heat, smile toward the cooler weather and wonder of the winter to come.

Happy October! May there be light within you to shine upon the earlier darker hours. May the ghouls and gremlins that ring the door bell make you smile and partake in trick or treat.

May you embrace the change in season knowing... it will bring us back to Spring soon enough.

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April 08, 2011

The watcher....inspiration squirrel

5th Avenue and many people walk about in a rush, blindly aiming for one another than getting upset that the sidewalk is not clear.  A mere child holding her father's hand......stops....she looks around than up at her father 'where is everybody going'?   I just had to laugh.

She says to him 'I've had it.  They are ALL evil.  I hate that place.'  He says 'But...we need to pay the bills, hang in there.'  She sulks.

The three sit at the table, wine glasses in hand....one is angry at her husband, the other at her boss and the third at herself.  I just went in to grab a menu when I heard.....'Life sucks!' and all agreed.

I pass Madison Ave and a woman in extremely high heeled shoes is yelling and cussing at another woman with even higher heels. 'Can't you watch where you are going?'.....the other 'Can't you?', more nonsense back and forth.

I stop and stared but I was looking right through them.

I reached Central Park and sat for a bit.  I had walked several blocks from the East Side.  I grab the little book in my bag and read a page or two.  I looked up to notice a squirrel.  The first I have seen in NYC in the 3 yrs I work here.  It is just leaning back on a tree trunk, watching the people walk by.  Peddlars begging, tourists lost, angry people screeching, horns blowing........  Once or twice the squirrel would nibble on something.  At one point we just stared at each other.  It left...occassionally looking back at the street side while going deeper into the park.

He was probably as disgusted as I was.

Back to the book -' Kindness begets kindness. Thinking good thoughts instead of dark or evil ones is a way of doing good.  When you silently bless others, that is a good thing and good is attracted back into your life.' ~365 Ways to live the law of attraction by Meera Lester

There it is in a nutshell.  We can't even have good thoughts so how can we be good to one another.  Hatred, anger, insecurity, selfishness, lies...the list goes on.  All the emotions and characteristics that keep one from succeeding in life.

A friend once told me 'Why expect good from people and get disappointment'.  Another constantly has bitter remarks on anything concerning men.  And.....yet another about women.  The friend that awaited a long time to have kids....complaining about having kids.  I shake my head at it all.

The squirrel had the right idea.  Eat, watch and leave.  Go find another place, less ----chaotic.

If you can't remove chaos - by all means remove yourself from it.  Evil begets evil.  Anger begets anger......unless you can change it (good luck) or remove yourself from it.  So, I walk on and reach an avenue that is less chaotic...only all avenue at this point have chaos.  What then?

The serenity program says it all....

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Accept what you can not change.  Just remember you 'can' change yourself.  Courage your way to that change for the better.  Have the wisdom to know how, when and why.